2016 Joyful Noise Lazy River Vineyard Pinot Noir


2016 Joyful Noise Lazy River Vineyard Pinot Noir


Third time is a charm for this wildly delicious Pinot Noir coming from the Lazy River Vineyard in the Willamette Valley's Yamhill-Carlton AVA. Paired best with friends and loud music this wine is full of color and personality. Open, pour, drink and enjoy!


Lazy River Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016

·       Bottled 74 Cases

·       Harvested September 17, 2016 at 23 brix 7.8TA and 3.09PH

·       Vineyard Sourcing: Lazy River Vineyard, 100% Wädenswil Yamhill-Carlton AVA, Willamette Valley

·       Destemmed into a one ton open top fermenter, 24hr cold soak, inoculated with a wild Pied de Cuve, twice daily punch downs, delestaged at 7 brix, pressed to tank at -1 brix, settled for 48hrs, then moved to barrel.

·       Aged for 18 months in French oak; 33% new, all made by Claude and Laurent Gillet in Saint Romain.

·       Closure: Nomacorc Select Green synthetic cork made using renewable energy and renewable plant-based polymers, with a zero-carbon footprint.

·       Tasting Notes:

Colors - Clear, ruby to violet.

Aroma - Cherry, blackberry jam, dried violets, plum, baking cocoa, and fall leaves. 

Palate - Cranberry, red currant, berry cobbler, fruit leather, vanilla, and pie crust.

Structure - Surprisingly bright acidity and some grit. Soft, pretty tannins on the finish.

It's like watching fireworks in a silk bathrobe.